Doctor Breakfast


Doctor Breakfast

Doctor Breakfast is a Brooklyn-based media producer that takes a DIY approach to creating all types of media. From producing beats, podcasts, and music videos to his role as lead vocals for Doctor Breakfast and the Fuzz The Doctor attempts to push boundaries through collaboration and constant creation. Check out the projects below for more information on current Doctor Breakfast work.   


Feature 1

Doctor Breakfast Podcast

Doctor Breakfast loves a good conversation. Each episode of the podcast has a central theme and discussions based around that theme. Hear Doctor Breakfast speak candidly on a range of topics with creators, film makers, rappers, artists and more.


Feature 2

Kush and Breakfast

This is Hip Hop with lyrical content that is intelligent, emotional and completely irreverent. As a rap duo, Kush and Breakfast compliment each others lyrical style perfectly.


Feature 3

Doctor Breakfast and the Fuzz

A live band with soulful keys, powerful melodies and anthemic hooks. This is Doctor Breakfast completely reimagined. 

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