Dan RosenHanst is a musician and media creator who has worked as a jack of all trades, creating media and providing event assistance for artists and creators in New York City. Dan RosenHanst is currently a Graduate student at The New School specializing in production and post-production in audio and visual media. 

Live Flye - A documentary about PJ O'rourke II also known as Flye Lyfe, an artist, designer and hustler who sells his original designs and clothing exclusively in the New York Subways. PJ brings his imaginations to life in vivid color and doesn't let anyone get in the way. Shooting, Editing, and producing done by Dan RosenHanst. 

EPK designed for the flutist electronic duo, Flutronix. All editing and research done by Dan RosenHanst.

Published on Mar 1, 2017

Lighting and scene assignment based on Pablo Picasso's Reading at a Table. Digital Cinema assignment using DSLR Cannons and Lowell Lighting kit.

Lighting assignment for Digital Cinema at The New School, Media Studies.