The 9 to 5 music is here.

The debut music video for Doctor Breakfast and The Fuzz, 9 to 5 is here and ready for your enjoyment. Please watch, share and love this unique music video!! Don't forget to sign up for our E-mail list to find out more information about Doctor Breakfast and The Fuzz. 

Doctor Breakfast and the Fuzz

is a rocking hip hop band that combines vibrant instrumentation with the ferocious lyrical style of Doctor Breakfast. This genre-bending project is funky, emotive music that will get stuck in your head. 

Fuzzy sounds,

Engaging visuals,

and lots of attitude. 


Doctor Breakfast and the Fuzz will soon be releasing their debut EP, Wake Up. This 5 song EP will showcase the band's range as songwriters, bringing the listener to unfamiliar places. Musicians with a wide range of influences, Doctor Breakfast and Fuzz come together to blur the lines between Hip Hop, Rock and Pop music. The result is a passionate energy that can be felt in each song of Wake Up.

Video/Photo by Eggsalad Productions

Above is Doctor Breakfast and The Fuzz's entry in to NPR's 2017 Tiny desk contest. Our song was 9 to 5, which is all about hating your job. We thought it seemed fitting with the theme of a tiny desk contest. This performance was recorded live in a studio in Brooklyn, NY. All in one take.   


Doctor Breakfast and the Fuzz performing Over, for the Indiephiles Showcase at Gold Sounds. 

Doctor Breakfast and the Fuzz

wants to hear from you. Come see us live or contact us. Stay updated check us out SoundCloud and Facebook.